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The lovely Tengerszem Hotel és Restaurant (previously called as Tengerszem Hotel** and Education Center), which was handed over in 1944, has an ideal location at the boundary of Jósvafő at the end of the picturesque Törőfej Valley at the Baradla Cave Jósvafő exit.

Here you will find the building of the Aggtelek National Park Directorate, as well as the Kessler Hubert Memorial House, one of the most accomplished architects of the Aggtelek Karst.

In the valley, next to Lake Tengerszem,


There are plenty of attractions around the area: you can take a visit around Aggtelek National Park, the Baradla Cave (together with other caves of the Aggtelek Karst) and in the immediate vicinity Tengerszem Lake can be explored easily in the valley. You can take a walk to Jósvafő, a small village in Jósva-valley.

Its Old Historic Village, and the Calvinist church, decorated with a unique coffered ceiling, is under the monumental protection and preserving the beautiful memories of traditional architecture

There is also the Jósvafő Village Museum in the Old Historic Village, which is one of the most spectacular sight in this category. In addition, presenting the rich collection of objects and devices of old local life, we can find a past-present of cave research in a separate room. It's no accident, since Jósvafő has long been a favorite research site for caves. In Jósvafő, the waters of several streams, such as in front of Kúria Environmental Education Center, are crossed by one another and continue along the path of Jósva Stream. Some of the horses and training places of the Hucul Stud of Jósvafő can be found in the Kúria.

There is also a possibility for horse-riding and carriage riding. The stud is located further from the village, and it is situated on the Gergés Pasture.

Castle Island

Open Hours:

1 May – 30 September: Tue-Sun: 10:00 – 18:00 First Thursday of every month: 10:00 – 20:00 1 October – 30 April: Tue-Sun: 10:00 – 17:00

First Thursday of every month: 10:00– 19:00 Individual guided tours and group visits by appointment.


Adult: 1600 HUF

Student and Senior Citizens: 800 HUF

Groups (20 persons): 700 HUF/each

Family: (4 persons) 3200 HUF

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The manor house Betliar

The manor house Betliar is one of the most beautiful and valuable monuments in Slovakia, which is considered to be the most popular sight of Gömör. The house is located just the North of Rozsnyó surrounded by the wonderful English garden. Visitors can get an overall picture of the everyday and diverse cultural life of Andrassy family as it contains a selection of antique furniture, a picture gallery, weapons and a nice collection of porcelain and glass. Later on, the reconstruction of the building won a EUROPA NOSTRA award in 1994.

The park includes fountains, statues, romantic garden pavilions, exotic vegetation and other rare delights. It was included on the list of the World's Historic Gardens in 1977.

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From the picturesque Gömör in the heart of Slovakia, it has long been considered that this is the small realm of the Hungarian Kingdom. Its mountains, valleys and cities were the site of history. A special collection of the castle museum and architectural features all around the world attract visitors. The collection of the museum mainly consists of weapons, which were exhibited in the 19th century. The contemporary photos of the furnished rooms informs us about the old exhibition from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Here are the so-called Baset horns in the small music hall. 3 of the 8 existing ones in the world are here. The castle of Krasnahorka has a precious collection of furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Visiting the Martonyi - The Pauline Monestry

In the southern part of the Aggtelek National Park, in the area of the Szalonna-Rudabánya Mountains, the village of Martonyi is approximately 3,5 km from Pálos Háromhegyi church and monastery. In the area of the Aggtelek National Park, next to Szádvár, the most important medieval building, and has national significance. In 1308, Pope's confirmation was given to Cardinal Gentilis, the only Hungarian-based Pauline order. There were several monasteries in the country, and later in distant lands. For example, in the Bükk Mountains, there is a holy manor near Miskolc, or the monastery of Kurgany, or a mushroom monastery in Slovakia. Their current headquarters are in Poland, Czestochowa.



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